What People are Saying

Read what a few people from our congregation have to say about the experience of St. Mark's United Methodist Church:


I joined St. Mark's in 1980 because of the warm friendly welcome I received.  The church became my family since I do not have family here in the city.  The St. Mark's family has helped my faith grow and I treasure each person that has supported me through the years.  God bless everyone.

Rosalee Lowery, Columbus

I worship at St. Mark's because the pastor delivers meaningful messages that direct and sustain the Christian course of our all-embracing congregants well beyond Sunday mornings.  Warm and welcoming, surely the presence and the Spirit of the Lord are in this place."
MRF, Galloway


"When I first came to St. Marks on Sunday July 3, 2011, I was in a VERY low point in my life. I had been through three operations since May 4 with the fourth being  July 5th 2011. I was also very deep in a court case over another man attempting to murder me (I did not share the court case with anyone at the church except the Pastor.) I had about given up on "the human race". I thought I would attend church one or two times a month. Maybe this would help I thought. After the Love and Kindness that the entire congregation showed to my wife and myself; I became a very devoted AND happy member of St. Marks and I am sad on the Sundays that I cannot attend. I pray every day for my "Family" at St. Marks and I relish the time I get to spend with each member. I now know there are still many great people on this earth. Thankfully many of these great people attend St. Marks with me! Amen."

Jon E. Mitton, Columbus 



"All our adult life, my husband and family have attended fundamentalist churches.  Churches that preach fear and guilt and that made me feel that I could never be "worthy" of meeting God's expectations of me.  By a strange turn of events, there was a conflict in the church and, much to our surprise, the church split down the middle.  Our pastor was asked to leave and, to support him 56 members left the church as well.  My husband died on May 25, 2010.  I was on my own and, for a brief time, I attended the "splinter" church that was formed.  However, I soon decided that I had had enough of "church people” and doctrine and simply left the church.  I was done with religion and had intended to sever all ties with Christianity.  I was passing St. Mark's church one day and remembered a former co-worker who had attended the church when we worked together some 30 years before.  I decided to try just one more time and I attended a service in the late summer of 2010.  I have never looked back.  I not only found a doctrine of grace. I could understand and support but caring, supportive people and pastors who are more friends than stiff, polite, "elders” (or enforcers) of the church.  I think St. Mark's UMC is everything a church should be and more."

Joyce Venus, Columbus


"One aspect I can appreciate about Saint Mark's is to be honored and accepted as equal. Being together with other believers, and we're all on different levels of spiritual development, is very healing and it's usually not spoken aloud but we help each other in many ways whereas staying at home and watching church service on TV or Web you don't get that intimacy. I've made mistakes and others have made mistakes but it's OK because we're all learning and progressing. I still have a long way to go but I rely daily on the Christ spirit and Saint Mark's is one path, out of many paths, towards that."

John Webster, Columbus 

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